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 Integrative Approach

Unlike conventional acute care, you can't always match a symptom to a pill or procedure to remedy the issue. Fatigue can have many causes that build up over time. 

In our integrative approach we examine all the areas that may be contributing to fatigue. We not only help patients regain their vitality but equip them with lifelong health skills to avoid burn-out and fatigue in the future. We help you identify lifestyle habits, toxins, stealth infections, gut imbalances and more that can be at the root cause of fatigue.

Our care team will guide you step-by-step with an individualized, integrative functional medicine approach to your treatment.

Dedicated Attention

In your typical 7-minute doctor's visit, sanctioned by health insurance, there is little time to understand what might be the true cause of your fatigue... let alone the contributing factors that may have caused it.

While Dr. Clemma Nash, MD is a traditionally trained MD, she has additional training in functional medicine and takes time needed to conduct a thorough health history. This along with testing are the keys to understanding all of the potential triggers for your fatigue. This review includes your past medical history, your past and present diet, toxins, environment, stress levels, and gut health. Your history and your test results help us to unravel the root causes of fatigue.

Personalized Care

Not only is each patient biologically unique, their illness is unique too. There are so many factors that may be to blame for fatigue – from lifestyle choices, stealth infections, heavy metals, food choices, allergies and even toxins in your immediate environment.

After we do your foundational assessment, we utilize personalized testing which looks at your individual biochemistry and functional markers to inform recommendations specifically for you. Plus, we also use other assessment tools to get the full picture of your health so that with a precise diagnosis, we can come up with a precise game plan for healing.

Root Cause Resolution

Conventional medical doctors will do a few tests to look for causes of fatigue but they often come back normal. We know you don't feel "normal" so we go much deeper with our evaluations to look for the combination of factors which are keeping you from having the energy you want. 

Also known as functional medicine, our care is so effective because we are able to focus many areas of health and go deeper on those areas from toxicity, to stealth infections, gut dysbiosis and more. 

Co-Creating Health

Once we do our in-depth health intake and appropriate testing, we work with you to upgrade your lifestyle, detox the safe way, improve gut health and tackle possible stealth infections. Together we can rebuild your body and give it the support it needs so that you can naturally regain your energy and feel your best. 

While changing many areas of your health at once may seem daunting, we make it practical and manageable so you can finally ditch the daily fatigue that is holding you back. 

Innovative Treatments

 If you're tired of hearing that "you're fine" after visiting various doctors offices, chances are they are not doing the latest testing that can pinpoint the causes of your fatigue. It takes on average 17 years for clinical breakthroughs to make their way into your conventional doctor's office especially if they are not trained in functional medicine or continuously updating their knowledge. That means many health care practitioners are dispensing outdated advice and not using the best lab testing available for your case.

About Dr. Clemma Nash

Medical College of Wisconsin

Clemma Nash, MD attended medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin and then completed a residency and board certification in Family Medicine (ABFM).

She went to medical school because she knew the lifesaving value of traditional medicine, but she quickly learned that if you have a chronic illness, it is a different story.

She saw a pill for every symptom given by multiple physicians, each working from their own view of the problem but with no attention to the potential underlying causes of the symptoms. With the tools of traditional, functional, and integrative medicine, she has helped patients with chronic gastrointestinal symptoms, fatigue, thyroid disease, mold illness, autoimmune conditions, and now Lyme disease, and more.

Testimonials From Clients

A year into the COVID-19 had me at my heaviest weight ever. I was able to focus on better eating and lost some weight but then stagnated. A few months later I joined a Reset Program led by Dr. Clemma Nash and things really began to move again. Less joint pain, better focus, and I could actually taste the sweetness of natural foods like fruit. So thrilled about the results and the encouragement from Dr. Clemma Nash, MD along the way.


I was typically burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. I finally realised I needed to take care of myself. I did the program with Dr. Clemma Nash, MD. My fatigue immensely improved. During the program, I noticed I had more energy and since completing it I continue to have more energy. I find myself still following the guidelines and the energy levels are staying improved. I've re-energized myself and can continue working full time, working with my husband building fences, and taking care of others including myself.


Dr. Clemma Nash, MD is a smart, compassionate physician who really knows her stuff! She recently helped me with my blood sugars being mildly elevated, joint pain, and brain fog. Working with Dr. Clemma Nash, MD I got my blood sugars back to normal and ended up losing 20 pounds! I can think much more clearly and my joints are significantly improved. Dr. Clemma Nash, MD was able to help me feel good again which made me want to be more active. She is extremely helpful and encouraging and had excellent advice when I was struggling. She has been a true gift to my health!


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