Could Stealth Infections Be To Blame?

Stealth (hidden) infections can be a major source of fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, and pain and often are the root cause of symptoms that most doctors label as "mystery symptoms".

Unfortunately, most conventionally trained doctors aren't trained to recognize these stealth infections. On top of that, their standard testing protocols don't include the kind of testing to identify the biotoxins underlying stealth infections. So when standard blood testing and scopes come back "fine", doctors often attribute symptoms to stress or "just getting older".

Unfortunately, these biotoxins then go ignored while the patient's symptoms worsen and can eventually develop into a chronic disease.

The most common stealth infections I see in our practice are Lyme disease, mold,  and yeast (Candida) – and these infections can compromise the health of your entire body!

While they may not kill you instantly, they do cause mass inflammation in the body along with a wide range of vexing symptoms.

Frequently, these types of infections have serious repercussions on mental health as well – and can cause personality changes, depression, anxiety, as well as unexplained chronic fatigue. This is why people who have undiagnosed stealth infections are often given antidepressants and yet, not surprisingly, aren't able to resolve their symptoms.

Additionally, when doctors aren't able to pinpoint the true root cause of symptoms, people are often diagnosed with general conditions that don't have a clear-cut root cause – like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.

In some cases, their doctor may believe they suffer from an autoimmune disorder – but have no idea why the patient's immune function isn't operating in a healthy way. Patients are also prescribed medications that suppress immune function with multiple side effects that leave patients feeling even worse.

One of the reasons stealth infections and mold can cause is that they hide in the mucous membranes and other body surfaces. This has a huge impact on your brain and gut health and can lead to systemic inflammation, depression, brain fog, and GI distress, which are also signs that the patient may have a Leaky Gut and Leaky Brain.

Some of the symptoms triggered by stealth infections could include sore throat (that comes and goes), GI complaints, abdominal pains, joint pains, continuous muscle aches, unexplained fatigue, leg or foot pain without an injury, memory issues, headaches, brain fog, flu-like symptoms, skin issues, and unexplained rashes.

How We Approach Stealth Infections

In my practice, we are trained to get to the root of your symptoms and we leave no stone unturned! If we suspect that biotoxins are to blame, we can run advanced testing to pinpoint the cause – so we can recommend an appropriate protocol or therapy for healing.

At UltraVitalityMD, we treat most stealth infections by using a targeted approach to not only rid your body of the biotoxin but also to rebalance gut and brain health.

We also aim to use the best treatments that won't unbalance your body by employing broad-spectrum herbal remedies (and only antibiotics when absolutely needed).

Our protocol has an anti-bacterial as well as antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties, making them appropriate for people who often have multiple co-infections at the same time – especially in the case of Lyme.

In addition, we also help patients control their stress and improve their diet in tandem with our treatment to strengthen immune function and overall resilience. Depending on the stealth infection a patient is dealing with, we personalize the treatment, to give their body the best chance of healing naturally.

If you have been experiencing symptoms that may be connected with stealth infections and are looking for answers, schedule a discovery call today so you can see what your best next steps are.

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